2.6m Diameter x 0.8m Deep

  • Category: 3m and under Pools


Standard Full Installation: (SUBJECT TO SITE INSPECTION)

  • Digging of hole (soft soil)
  • Installing of pool
  • Led light
  • Combi Unit consisting of:
  • •     0.75Kw Pump and 3 Bag Sand filter
  • •     DB Box with timer
  • Manual Cleaning Kit
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical from Main Distribution Board 
  • 1st row Coping (Cemstone sandstone - 440mm x 440mm x40mm)
  • Removal of all unwanted excavated soil
  • Sand & Stone
  • Cement
  • Drawing of plans and submission to Municipality. (Only in City of Cape Town region)
  • (Excludes Water and Hard Digging)